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the baltic sea circle challenge

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Travelling by tuk-tuk over the summer of 2022, myself and my good mate Adam will be driving around the entire circumference of the Baltic Sea. That in itself would be a challenge, but this will also be without the aid of any form of GPS, or with the use of any motorways - only B roads and mud paths for us! Over 16 days we aim to drive around the Baltic Sea over 7500Km, travelling through 10 countries - Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland! It's a crazy challenge, and as far as I know, one that has never been completed in a tuk-tuk!

We will be doing this challenge to both raise money for Unicef and Mind charities. Please note, this trip is 100% self funded so all donations will go directly to our chosen charities.

Baltic Sea Challenge 2022 Unicef The Mind Charity