Sandbox VR Singapore

Sandbox VR located in one of Singapore’s many shopping malls offers you an arcade experience like no other. For those of you fortunate enough to have experienced VR in some capacity will know how much fun VR can be. The only real issue with VR for me is that it can often be quite an isolating lonely experience. I’m also always acutely aware when I navigate the 3D world that my friends in the real world are probably watching me in my VR headset and laughing. Sandbox VR changes this by allowing four people to enter into VR realm at once and share in the experience. This changes everything and suddenly takes VR on to a whole new level.

Behind the scenes Sandbox VR uses home consumer grade Oculus Rift headsets, but rather than use the motion tracking sensors that come with the consumer product they use a tailor made motion capture tracking solution often used for making hollywood films. This motion tracking works by placing sensors over the body which are then picked up by high resolutions cameras with the aid of a green screen. In practice it worked really well and rarely did it struggle to distinguish movement in the 3D space.

So what are the games like? Well we played both of the games they had on offer. The first was a pirates of the caribbean style¬† adventure where you shoot ghoulish pirates. The second was a sci-fi adventure set in an old manion where you shoot zombies. Whilst both games certainly won’t win any prizes for originality, they were surprisingly fun and well put together. Especially when you consider these games were developed exclusively for Sandbox VR and their particular hardware setup.

Overall this was a really enjoyable high octane experience and a real glimpse into what the future of interactive gaming could be. One of the best things about this type of gaming is how accessible it is to all ages and abilities. You don’t need to have played or even be any good at computer games to know what to do. You are in the 3D space with 3 of your friends, you have a gun and you shoot things, what could be more fun than that?

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