Batik Workshop In Yogyakarta

During our wonderful visit to Yogyakarta in Indonesia we decided to spend a day learning the ancient technique of batik. The typical batik process involves painting designs and patterns onto cloth, then using wax to protect areas of the cloth that are painted on so that colour washes can be applied. The process is repeated as many times as necessary, and the wax is finally boiled off leaving the batik pattern behind. This batik technique originated from Indonesia and is still used today.

The Batik workshop was one of the most enjoyable and relaxing activities we did whilst travelling through Indonesia. Overall I would strongly recommend it to anyone spending a few days visiting Yogyakarta, even if like me, you aren’t particularly gifted when it comes to painting.

We booked our workshop course from ViaVia  ( in the heart of Jogjakarta, but the course was run locally by Kelik Batik ( ViaVia do a number of organised activities and have a great shop and restaurant which I’d thoroughly recommend.